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Black's Adventure Outfitters of Canada began as a subsidiary of Blacks Outdoor Experts of Scotland, one of the oldest and best known providers of outdoor equipment and clothing in the world.

The original company is known for its long history, having been started in the nineteenth century by Thomas Black, a sailmaker who sewed and sold canvas tents and other outdoor goods.

Throughout the 20'th century to the present, the company has provided services to a wide range of Military and Industrial organizations, as well as members of the Royal Family and camping and hiking enthusiasts throughout the British Isles, Europe, and North America.

In the nineteen fifties, a Canadian subsidiary, Black's Adventure Outfitters, was established in Toronto next door to the landmark Maple Leaf Gardens where it began supplying quality camping and outdoor equipment in North America.

Today Black's Adventure Outfitters is separate from the original company and located in east Toronto where it continues to provide equipment to hikers, campers and climbers, as well as specialized rescue and evacuation equipment to fire, police, and tactical military personnel.

We also work with rescue and tactical trainers and theatre, film and stunt companies.

Some of the manufacturers we represent are:

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